A Recognized Private Association of the Faithful

The People of Hope is a private association of the faithful that has been recognized by Archbishop John Meyers, Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey. The statutes of the People of Hope have been approved by Archbishop Meyers.

The following is the text of the official decree of recognition, which can also be downloaded as a PDF.

THE PEOPLE OF HOPE COMMUNITY, located in Plainfield New Jersey, is a community comprised of baptized Catholic faithful whose purpose is to live a committed Catholic life and to witness to Christ in the ordinary situation of their lives, wishes to be recognized officially as a private association of the faithful by the Roman Catholic Church in order to provide canonical stability and permanence to the community.

The statutes of THE PEOPLE OF HOPE COMMUNITY have been reviewed and they are found to be in proper canonical order. In virtue of this decree, I hereby recognize THE PEOPLE OF HOPE COMMUNITY as a private association of the faithful.

It is understood that any changes in the statutes or nature of the association must be submitted to the Office of the Archbishop of Newark for approval prior to being implemented.

Signed by the Most Reverant John Joseph Myers, Archbishop of Newark

Dated August 3, 2006

You can view photos of the Pastoral Visit of the Most Reverend John J. Myers on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, June 10, 2006 below. He celebrated mass at the community school, Koinonia Academy, located in Plainfield, NJ.