As outlined in the approved statutes of the People of Hope, the community desires not only to form a local community, but also to associate with other communities worldwide, in order to be of greater assistance to the task of the New Evangelization. (POH Statutes,sec. VII, 10.1) In accord with the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, 21 The People of Hope Community strives to follow the principle that “proper esteem is to be shown to all associations of the apostolate… Among the associations moreover, international associations or groups of Catholics must be especially appreciated at the present time.”

In 2008, the People of Hope became a member of the Sword of the Spirit, a grouping of self-governing local communities around the world. Many of the local communities are Catholic communities like the People of Hope, while others are ecumenical communities composed of Christians from many different denominations. As a “community of disciples on mission” The Sword of the Spirit seeks to:

  • proclaim the good news of Christ through direct evangelization
  • bring together Christians from different traditions and cultures for common mission
  • support parents in raising children with character and a clear sense of identity
  • envision and train the upcoming generation to take on roles of responsibility
  • help bridge the gaps of race, class, and culture
  • work in cooperation with the churches to foster Christian renewal and promote unity
  • give hope and vision to those seeing their countries destroyed by war and violence

This relationship and all collaborative efforts with Christians of other churches and ecclesial communities are regulated by Lumen gentiumUnitatis redintegratio, and The Directory for the Application of the Principles and Norms of Ecumenism. (sec. VII, 10.8)